TTD 2016 Update (Goals and More!)

Hey everyone! We’re excited to share with you our 2016 plans, goals, and share with you various ways you can help support us! So without further nonsense, let’s get into it!

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2015 Reflection

2015 was our first (half) year. Admittedly, we started off strong (daily content) and then fell behind. But we delivered the best quality we could, and proudly never skimped on quality to meet a deadline. We launched our site, and later our YouTube Channel, and have gotten positioned right where we want to be. Thanks to you all, our readers/viewers, we had a great launch. And we look forward to an even better 2016, with expansion of both our channel and site.

Plans for the Website

Our website is still going to exist, but we have plans. Primarily we’re striving to purchase an actual domain, and remove the “wordpress” from our current URL (for example, we may become TeenTechDaily(dot)com or TeenTech(dot)Daily). We’re investigating many different choices, and we’ll keep you posted.

As far as the design goes, we’re keeping the design the same. We’ll be revisiting our tags/categories system, to make it more standard, and possibly change the front page.

For content release, we’re aiming for a daily, Monday through Friday schedule. Basically, a new post each day of the business week. Some posts may be links to videos, but there will be something new each day if we get on schedule. It may take time, but it’s a priority for us.

We’ll be revisiting the ads on the site. Some people see ads on our site, however these aren’t organized by Teen Tech Daily (they pay the hosting company, WordPress, since we’re on a starter plan). Moving forward, we’ll either go ad-free, or begin using a separate ad network which will help us fund hosting, pay for domains, and purchase items for review. Of course, our readers are our priority, and we’ll ensure ads are non-disruptive, and relevant, if we decide to go down that route. As of now, we’re not planning to change it in the near future.

Plans for the Channel

We were working to get on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday release schedule, but it just wasn’t working. So for this, we’re now planning to release videos one day per week, every week. The day hasn’t been selected yet, but it will likely be a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

For content, we want to deliver more of the content you enjoy! We started a mini-series called “Kickstart Your Week” but it was honestly just not catching on, understandably. While we may not pull the plug on this project yet, it won’t be our weekly video. We noticed you all enjoy reviews, and want to deliver many more of these, but obtaining items to review is our biggest barrier. Fortunately, we have many things lying around, ready to be reviewed. Once that runs out, we’ll see, but that has us covered for a while. We recently did a build log, too, and would love to do another, if given the chance, but that’s further down the road.

We do plan to start monetizing our content, in order to help fund our channel. However, we’ll be using the standard YouTube Ads, or our own advertising if we can arrange it.

We will continue to deliver our content in 1080P HD, with no plan of going 4K in the near future (it’s simply too expensive, and too much of a hassle at this point). That said, we’re experimenting with delivering nicer quality video, using other cameras for certain things.

How You Can Support Us

We need your support to continue delivering content. After all, you’re our audience! We’re not gonna beg for money, because lets face it, that’s just dumb. We don’t need it, you can use it better elsewhere. We ask for your support in helping us grow. How?

Well, if you subscribe to our blog and/or our YouTube channel, it helps us to make an impression on brands, and show off our audience. If we make good impressions on brands, we can get items to review, and in turn deliver more content for you. If we reach 100 subscribers on YouTube, as well, we’ll get a custom URL, which is just plain cool.

But aside from that, the easiest way is to spread the word. Share our content online, tell your friends about us, etc.. Even easier than that? Read and watch our content! Seeing that people are reading our content, or watching our videos, motivates us! Of course, one or even a dozen failed articles/videos won’t stop us, but seeing people view it is certainly awesome.


2016 is our first full year, and we’re excited to see where it takes us. Be sure to contact us to give us your input, and let us know what you want to see in 2016 from Teen Tech Daily!

As usual, thanks for checking out Teen Tech Daily, and be sure to check out our other content on the site, or YouTube Channel! See you tomorrow, with another new article (more tech related/normal).

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