Guest Browsing With Chrome: Let Your Friends Browse Without it Impacting Your Account

When a friend asks you if they can borrow your computer to browse the web, it’s usually not an issue. But sometimes it leaves you with search suggestions, and ads for products, that you’re not interested in. Well, Google Chrome has the solution for you!


What you need

The desktop version of chrome. This has to be one of the most recent versions, but it usually will automatically update and/or send you notifications. The easiest way to tell, is to look up in the top right. Next to the minimize button, you’ll see your name, or “Person” written in a gray rectangle, like in the image below

TTD Chrome

What you’re doing

Basically, we’re going in to Guest Browsing. This is a fresh Chrome window, which has no account signed in. Once closed, it will clear the cache, cookies, etc. from your computer.

This means they can log into their email, their google, do what they need, and then when the window is closed, they’ll be logged out, and the session data (not downloads) will be deleted. Pretty awesome, since I commonly find myself with friend’s accounts in my login page, but this solves that issue, and quite nicely too.

How to get to Guest Browsing

It’s really easy. Click on the button with your name or “person” on it, which is seen in the “what you need” section. This will open up the menu where you can get to guest browsing, which looks like this:

TTD Chrome Guest

To get to guest browsing, simply go to the bottom left, and click “Browse as Guest” to open the guest window. Note, however, it will not close your current window. You may only see one user, and their names may be different, but the browse as guest option is consistently there.


When your friend is done browsing, exit out of the window and it’s finished! It’s so easy, and saves a lot of trouble too. That’s basically how you use Guest Browsing in Chrome!

Thanks for reading Teen Tech Daily, and I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with another article!

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