First Thoughts on the Oculus Rift

Recently, thanks to Best Buy, I had the chance to try out The Oculus Rift VR headset, along with the unreleased Oculus Touch controllers. As a long time supporter of VR, I was very excited to try out the Rift, and so without further ado here are my first impressions of it. The Design The Rift is clearly sporting some outstanding design choices. It’s fabric finish is sleek, contemporary, and visually attractive. I can’t say much in the way it feels, because the staff were very hesitant to let anyone touch the headset itself – placing it on people for … Continue reading First Thoughts on the Oculus Rift

Switching to Cricket Wireless (My Experience)

So recently I finally upgraded from an old Galaxy SIII to a Galaxy S5 – sticking with my tendency to stay a generation or so behind, but a recent-enough phone to have most of the bells and whistles. But what was it like to switch? [picture not available] The Context The switch was not a mere upgrade of phones. It was, in fact, switching from Virgin Mobile, to an unlocked formerly AT&T S5 on the Cricket Network, ironically owned by AT&T. The Process So to start off, I had to call Virgin Mobile to request my account code – at … Continue reading Switching to Cricket Wireless (My Experience)

Gorsun Sport Headphones

I was looking for some new headphones, and I found these Gorsun Sport Headphones. With the unique design, I couldn’t resist trying them out. To start off, I would like to put in this disclaimer: I received these headphones for a discount in return for my honest review. If you read on, you’ll see my honest thoughts (including negatives). These headphones are okay. The design is new, and comfortable. The over-ear cable design worked flawlessly, and stayed in under many circumstances. The audio quality was, on the other hand, not-so-great. There’s a notable amount of white noise, and distortion when … Continue reading Gorsun Sport Headphones

GMYLE Dual Port USB 3.0 Expresscard Review

Expresscard may no longer be a popular feature on laptops, but it was popular enough for even Apple to use on their Macbook Pros. As some of you know, I recently acquired a Lenovo Thinkpad T420, and am working to make it the “Ultimate Budget Laptop” by taking chances on cheap hardware, making compromises, but not sacrificing performance. The next, and cheapest addition to the system was USB 3.0. Out of box, the computer had a ton of USB 2.0 ports, but not a single USB 3.0 (it does have eSATA). So I picked up the GMYLE Expresscard, and now I have … Continue reading GMYLE Dual Port USB 3.0 Expresscard Review

Guest Browsing With Chrome: Let Your Friends Browse Without it Impacting Your Account

When a friend asks you if they can borrow your computer to browse the web, it’s usually not an issue. But sometimes it leaves you with search suggestions, and ads for products, that you’re not interested in. Well, Google Chrome has the solution for you! What you need The desktop version of chrome. This has to be one of the most recent versions, but it usually will automatically update and/or send you notifications. The easiest way to tell, is to look up in the top right. Next to the minimize button, you’ll see your name, or “Person” written in a … Continue reading Guest Browsing With Chrome: Let Your Friends Browse Without it Impacting Your Account

TTD 2016 Update (Goals and More!)

Hey everyone! We’re excited to share with you our 2016 plans, goals, and share with you various ways you can help support us! So without further nonsense, let’s get into it! 2015 Reflection 2015 was our first (half) year. Admittedly, we started off strong (daily content) and then fell behind. But we delivered the best quality we could, and proudly never skimped on quality to meet a deadline. We launched our site, and later our YouTube Channel, and have gotten positioned right where we want to be. Thanks to you all, our readers/viewers, we had a great launch. And we look forward … Continue reading TTD 2016 Update (Goals and More!)